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Help Keep the Conscious Insurgency Going

With the changes in YouTube's Ad Revenue logarithms, independent documentary makers such as myself have lost all the funding needed to produce more films and documentaries which I personally was intending to make and fund with YouTube advertising revenue. 
While adverts are a pain, they were covering the costs of the recent documentaries I have produced, and which were very well received by the viewers. However, like many other small creatorson YouTube, my funding has been almost completely been wiped out. This, after having recently invested in cameras and other technical equipment for this very purpose. Some of these films have hit the 50K views in little time at all, but the ad revenue back to me has been appallingly low considering the time and investment put into them. As well as you the viewer having to deal with the adverts themselves.
I am unable to avail of YouTube on Demand as it is not available to creators in Ireland. Viemo is too expen…